Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today started off pretty much like any other day. I woke up and got released from my safe place (aka kennel), grabbed a toy and paraded around as if I were just presented before the Queen of England. I stretched a little and took a drink of water. Then I went outside until I wanted to come back in, at which time I bumped into the door as hard as I could to get Annette's attention and then she let's me in. "My goodness, Sadie, you don't have to beat the door down!"

Later in the day we went to the dog park to meet 2 dogs, in particular, that I may be staying with for a short time. One is named Miles and the other is named Sadie. Now, I'm thinking if I do stay with these nice people that it might get confusing for me. How will I know when they're are speaking to me or the other Sadie? I see a slight tap on the head prompting in my future....

So we get to the park and there are lots and lots of dogs there. I am running all over the place. Then I finally meet Miles, who is a little smaller than I am, and Sadie, who is fairly larger and taller than I am. But we all got along just fine and run until we are out of steam. There was one dog there that I was playing with for a bit and things were going just fine until he took our play to the next level and decided to plant a canine (tooth) to my right eyebrow. Since I was far away from Annette and had not idea which way to look to find her, I let out a fine yelp and sure enough she heard it and came to get me. I'm only bled for a little bit and it didn't keep me from playing at all.

We left the park and went for a short car ride, something I am starting to enjoy. I don't get nearly as green in the face as I used to. We ended up at a house and I was so happy to see Miles and Sadie again. WOW!!!! I was at their house!! And they had a garden pond in their back yard! Oh my, oh my, oh my....I couldn't help myself as I barreled as fast as I could and jumped in!! Then...I hunkered down and swam!!! Miles and Sadie just watched and everyone was yelling at me....or maybe it was the other Sadie??? I knew this would be confusing to me. Not too much time went by and I knew the shouting was directed toward me. So I jumped out and Miles and Sadie and I played some more. What a blast I had. I hope they did too. Here is a picture of the 3 of us:

Sadie, Miles and me

Sadie and me

After all this, we went home and Annette got out my own personal pool and, once again, I was playing in the water! This is the best day EVER!
and nothing beats my favorite marrow bone! What-A-Day!!

Worn out!

I also just HAVE TO show you this awesome dog bandana my Uncle Mike sent to me from his friend who makes them. Visit Bow Wow Dog Bandanas Website to check out more cool dog bandanas. They are so COOL!!! Thank you, Uncle Mike!



  1. omg! these are darling pics! Sadie looks so dang cute! what a fun day!

  2. Thank you! It was a VERY fun day!!